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F-4, B/1, IDA Kukatpally, IDA Gandhi Nagar, Balanagar, Rangareddy, Hyderabad - 500037,


Railway Clip Applicators in India has been developed and manufactured by Aacess Equipments, Hyderabad, primarily to be used on railway track for Clipping and De-clipping of ERC clips during distressing of rails. The unit is a powered using a powerful diesel engine and all the operations are done using hydraulic power. The advantage of this unit is that it can clip or de-clip upto 20 clips per minute and is designed to perform all the operations with proper interlocks to ensure accident free operation. By use of this machine, the requirement of manpower will be limited to only 3 members which gives an enormous benefit. Capacity: 250kgs
Specification Value
Type of Machine Clip Applicator
Semi Automatic Unit
Clipping Arrangement for Sleeper
Provided for Clipping 4 clips at a time
No of Clips fitted per min
Mode of Operation
Through RRC through a PLC
Safety Interlocks for accident free operation
Electrical Interlocks provided
Clipping Arrangement for Sleeper
Provided for Clipping 4 clips at a time
Braking System for the Unit
Provided with Hydraulic Brake
Max. Speed of the Trolley
No. of Wheels on the Trolley
4 nos
Min. Speed of the Trolley
1 mts/min
Tools for Clipping
Tolls for De Clipping
Control Procedure for the unit
Through Hydraulic Operated Valves
Capacity of Diesel Engine
20 hp
Fuel Used
Type of Cooling
Make of the Diesel Engine
Yanmar - Japan
Type of Start
Electric Start
Enclosure for the Unit
Control Panel
Length of Trolley
2.5 mts
Width of the Trolley
2 mts
Working Height of the Trolley
500 mm