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Basic working principle of the equipment

Cable pulling capston winch has a rope drum which can accommodate the required diameter of the wire rope on it and this rope is taken out through a double capston unit and is guided out to the target through pulleys. This unit is powered by a diesel engine which drives a closed loop hydraulic pump, which in turn develops oil pressure and supplies this oil to the  hydro motor which drives the double capstan via., Gear box thereby  pulling the wire rope.

Cable Pulling capston winch – Hydraulically operated to be primarily used for underground cable pulling, the unit has a pulling capacity of 50KN  and is designed to a pull length of 1250mts. it is powered by a turbo charged diesel engine.

specification Value
Dimensions of the Unit
4000 mm(L)X1800 mm(W) X 1800mm(H)
Power Source
Three cylinder turbo charged diesel engine
Power of the Diesel Engine
23KW/36 hp at 2500 RPM
Make of the Diesel Engine
Engine Cooling
Water Cooled
Rated Fuel Consumption
4.0 litre per hour at 1500rpm
Min Fuel Consumption
3.85 litre per hour at 1500rpm
Electrical Control Voltage
Method of Hydraulic oil cooling
Oil cooler with thermostat fan
No of wheels provided
2 no.s
Canopy for the total unit
Rope Guide Unit for Drum
Angle Fleet Compensator
Max. working hydraulic pressure
250 Bar
Hydraulic Pump
Closed Loop unit with Manual Servo Control
Capstan Diameter
210 mm
Type of Capstan

Features of the reputed brands used in the unit